We are an Italian restaurant and pizzeria located in the Spotswood Shopping Plaza, offering authentic Italian Food made fresh daily!

We now deliver!

Here at Taverna Della Pizza...

We have always used ingredients of the highest and freshest quality. Everyday, we make our own dough and sauce. We're proud to say that our pizza has been consistent for the last 40 years.

Back in 1969, we opened in what was then known as the Big Apple Shopping Center in Spotswood (Now called Shop-Rite Plaza).

At that time, the current owner Sal Petruso and his partner, bought the restaurant from the original owners in 1971. During that time, the pizza was very cheap. Large pies were $2 and small pies were only $1.80!

A year later in 1972, Sal bought out his partner and took sole ownership of Taverna Della Pizza. During this same year, Andy, the man tossing the dough, started working for Sal and has been around ever since.

Taverna Della Pizza stayed at its location until July 19, 1994, when the restaurant moved three stores to the left, to the location it is at now. The only things that were kept from the previous location are the pizza ovens. The old ovens were moved to the new store because Sal believed that the ovens played an important key role in the authentic taste of their pizza.